VIVOTEK Join Forces with SONY’s Edge Storage Solution

VIVOTEK has announced a new cooperation between Sony’s Edge Storage Solution and VIVOTEK’s H.265 5-megapixel network cameras. This partnership enables a more reliable IP surveillance system during network dropouts and provides timely notification of microSD card maintenance requirements.

One of the benefits of deploying IP surveillance is to ensure continuous and stable recording even during a network outage. To achieve this goal, VIVOTEK’s H.265 5-megapixel network cameras support Sony’s Edge Storage instant backup function, which ensures video is safely recorded to Sony’s microSD card with lifespan notification when any network downtime is detected. Once the connection is restored, the onboard storage of cameras is then automatically transferred to recording system.

Further enhancing the user-friendly nature of VIVOTEK’s H.265 5-megapixel network cameras is the Edge Storage Maintenance Notification function. The cameras will detect any error or warning from a failing or failed microSD card, and display the usage of spare blocks and lifespan via web browser. In addition, the lifespan information includes indication of microSD card lifetime, allowing security staff to replace it prior to expiry. This information can also be transmitted via e-mail to laptop, mobile phone, or an alarm output. With this enhanced cooperation towards an even more stable platform, users can rest assured that their data is secure, just like their business.

Chilean Miner Rescue Mission – VIVOTEK

Five years ago, a collapsed mine in Chile made news headlines around the world, once 33 miners were discovered to still be alive trapped 200 stories underground, the world became captivated by the rescue mission. Official and authorized film rights to the Chilean miner’s stories were sold, leading to the production of the movie which was released across Latin American in August and United States in November.

VIVOTEK’s fixed dome network camera played an integral role in the rescue operation and was able to connect the trapped miners to life above ground while rescue efforts were underway. VIVOTEK Distributor, Tecnologias IP LTDA recommended a vast selection of reliable cameras to aid in recovery endeavors, but it was ultimately the VIVOTEK FD8134 1MP fixed dome network camera that was selected.

VIVOTEK’s FD8134 was lowered down to the miners through a small tube providing real-time surveillance while supplying video feeds to multiple points. This fix dome network camera was also installed onto the actual rescue capsules used to transport the miners above ground. With its built-in IR illuminator, the FD8134 was able to provide the rescue team and the media with clear footage of the miners living conditions, despite the lack of light 700 meters underground. Designed for use as an indoor network camera, the FD8134 was durable enough to withstand the harsh environment of the collapsed mine, where temperatures ranged from 32° to 34°C and relative humidity of 90%. With its H.264 high definition video quality and weighing in at only 479g, this camera was perfect for this mission. The FD8134 was able to provide the recovery team and the media with multiple video streams, thereby allowing simultaneous viewing at varying frame rates and resolutions as needed.

In order to keep up with technology advancements, VIVOTEK has since improved the FD8134 by replacing it with FD836B-EHTV and FD9371-EHTV outdoor fixed dome network cameras. Both models feature robust IK10 and IP66-rated housing, WDR capability, remote focus functionality and offer a wide operating temperature range from -50°C to 50°C. In addition, FD836B-EHTV delivers 2-Megapixel resolution with a cost-effective performance. FD9371-EHTV, a 3-Megapixel outdoor fix dome camera, adopts the latest H.265 video compression technology with VIVOTEK’s Smart Stream II technology, which can reduce bandwidth and data storage demands by up to 80%. Moreover, VIVOTEK’s new models inherit FD8134’s clarity, reliability, reputation and will continue to provide uncompromised image quality with advanced camera functions.

VIVOTEK – World’s Smallest Fisheye Network Camera

VIVOTEK – Debuts the World’s Smallest Fisheye Network camera FE8180 – Unveiling the new Era for Simple but Powerful Panaromic Surveillance

The extreme low profile camera comes in the form of 90 mm in diameter to satisfies the diverse market needs.

Featuring a detailed 5-Megapixel resolution sensor, combined with WDR Enhancement and 3D Noise Reduction features, unparalleled visibility and image quality can be guaranteed with the improved bandwidth efficiency.

For further info, kindly download the product disclosure sheet at the following URL :- VIVOTEK FE8180 – Smallest Fisheye Network Camera

VIVOTEK World’s First Network Camera with Embedded PoE Extender

VIVOTEK is pleased to announce the new launch of a revolutionary series – Network camera with embedded PoE Extenders, IB8367-R | IB8367-RT | IB8338-HR.

This three stylish bullet camera ideal for diverse outdoor applications. With the built-in embedded PoE Extender it allows both PoE input and output – direct connection with another PoE Network camera without having additional power source.

A sample scenario below :

For further info, please refer to the following URL address as follow :-
VIVOTEK New Series Camera with Built in PoE Extender

VIVOTEK Ranks 19th in the World

Taipei, Taiwan – VIVOTEK is honored to have been named among the top 50 brands in the 2014 Security 50 rankings. This annual ranking system was announced by a&s International, the leading security magazine for professional buyers, published by Messe Frankfurt New Era Business Media Ltd. VIVOTEK is proud to rank 19th among the world’s top 50 security brands. This ranking primarily focuses on the product sales performance of security companies or manufacturers who create their own products, brands, or solutions. Continue reading VIVOTEK Ranks 19th in the World